SROC Night Street League 2013 - 14

Rule Change: 

Rule 4 has been amended to add the words in italics: 

You must not go onto private property, or across any out of bounds areas. Also you must only take routes that are explicitly shown on the map. 

This has been added because is clearly not good practice for some people to gain an advantage over others by taking a route that is not shown as an option on the map. 

It means that you must not for example: 

       Cut through unmapped gaps in hedges.

       Use local knowledge to take a through alley the mapper has missed.

       Shortcut down a banking not shown on the map, rather than run the long way round.

       Cut through a housing estate under construction that has not been mapped.

       And so on ... 

However, you are still allowed to: 

Cross open land or paved areas (playing fields, fields, golf courses, car parks) shown on the map, unless marked as out of bounds. But you must, of course, use indicated access points and not jump over a fence etc. 

Full rules are on display at Registration and at 

Bob Nash, Street League Co-ordinator September 2011

Last Updated : 30.10.2013