SROC Night Street League

The street events offer a unique blend of training and socialising. More specifically, they provide opportunities for:

1. Training for all ages and abilities

2. Maintaining or developing fitness

3. Competition

4. Practice of orienteering skills – decision-making under pressure, simplification, route choice, timing

5. Developing mapping skills, if desired

6. Enjoyment and fun, both whilst running and socialising afterwards.

The Street League is a series of 10 events at basically fortnightly intervals between October and March. The final (11th event) is a mass start event and does not count for the series and precedes the prizegiving. Please check the dates on the SROC fixtures list, particularly for the start of the season. Venues are distributed across the whole SROC catchment area. The format is a score event – collect as many controls as possible within the time limit, penalties for returning late. As the title suggests, the running is principally on pavements although a more rural route will be added at the organisers discretion.

The two courses on offer this year are :

• 75 minutes

• 60 minutes

Choose whichever best suits your requirements, and vary through the season if you wish.

Remember to bring with you a pen/pencil, plastic bag to protect the map if you wish although both the map and answer sheet are printed on waterproof paper, headlight or torch, watch, and ensure you wear something reflective. You can compete individually or in pairs. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. 16 & 17 year olds can compete without an adult, but only with the written consent of a parent or guardian. Entry fee remains is at the bargain price of £3 – juniors £1 – although some events may have an extra charge for facilities. Start times are between 6.30 and 7.30pm. The event organiser produces straightforward results for each course – points scored less any penalty.

League Scoring:

• Best 5 scores to count

• For Organisers, one of these scores to be their "Organiser’s points"

• Each competitor’s actual points to be converted to points per hour, and then expressed relative to the highest scorer, who receives 100 points. (This overcomes differences in points available between events.)

• No separate results according to length of course.

• Standardised results produced by applying factors based on age and gender. (This allows everyone to compete on an ‘equal’ basis). See this page for notes on how the scores are calculated. (Note: there may be some adjustment to the rules before the start of the season. If so this page will be updated).

This actually gives two Leagues – one based on gross scores, and another based on scores adjusted for age and gender.

There are trophies and prizes for the best competitors awarded at the prizegiving and social, which take place at Event 11. There will also be an opportunity to compete for the ‘Blackpool Tower Trophy’ at a nominated event, close to Blackpool and for the Preston Guild Trophy which will be at a Preston based event.

Please read the rules and safety information on the website or on display at the events. Further details of the programme and venues are on the SROC website, or available from the individual organisers or from me, closer to the date of each event. Bob Nash ( or tel: 01772 721573)

Bob Nash Co-Ordinator SROC Street Events

Last Updated : 25.09.2019