SROC Regional Event Sunday 4th March 2012

part of the North West Orienteering League

The images above are from the National event held on Whitbarrow in 2007

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Results are available in both Age Class and Course format. Click here for the index page. Also available are Splitsbrowser, Winsplits On-Line and RouteGadget. Follow this link to view the results on the BO results page, including ranking points allocation. There were a couple of items found at Whitbarrow: a Buff, left at the clothing dump, and a purse (containing some cash) found on the road. If either of these things are yours please email a short description to Bob Nash.


On-line entries preferred, via Fabian4. Pre-entries are now closed. You may also enter on paper, using the standard entry form, posted to Mark Edwards, 7 Kempton Road, Lancaster, LA1 4LU. When entering you are invited to choose a course by colour. You may choose the colour course recommended for your age group (see table below) or just choose the course which you wish to run. Adults (including M/W18s and M/W20s) will score points in the North West Orienteering League equal to their ranking points on any course. Juniors (M/W16-) should enter their recommended colour in order to be competitive in the League, and will then score points as laid down in the NWOL rules. Entries on the day will be accepted (subject to availability) but will subject to a surcharge of £2.00

Entry Fees:

- Up to midnight 22/02/2012   Senior £12.00 (Senior Yellow-Light Green) £7.00, £2:00 discount for BOF members, Junior £5.00

- After 22/01/2012    Senior £13.00, (Senior Yellow-Light Green) £8.00, £2:00 discount for BOF members, Junior £6.00

On-line entries will remain open up to the Thursday before the event, as long as maps are available.

- EoD      Senior £15.00, (Senior Yellow-Light Green) £10.00, £2:00 discount for BOF members, Junior £8.00

SI card hire £1:00. £30.00 charge if lost.




As at any orienteering event we will need many helpers to make the event run smoothly, performing such tasks as registration, parking, start, finish and download. Helpers qualify for a 50% discount on entry fees as recognition of their contribution. To volunteer your services, and to get the discount code (needed when entering on-line), please contact the Organiser.


Car Parking:


This will be along the old road running parallel with the main A590. It is imperative that all competitors enter from the same direction; entry will be from the junction signed for Beck Head and Mill Side (GR SD452838). Please follow the marshal’s instructions and park where instructed.



As parking is along the road side, to try and limit the distance between parking and registration any competitors entering on the day will be able to enter at one of two locations. Registration will be available road side, provision will be made to enable you to pull up and register prior to parking, along with any purchases from Compass Point. A second Registration point will be available at the main assembly area; this is also on the way to the start. Registration will be open from 0900 until 1200.


There are two starts both are within 250 meters of each other both share the same route, approximately 25 minute walk uphill from the assembly area. A clothing dump will be available please provide your own bags. The route to the starts will be taped. Please bear in mind the distance from your car to the assembly area, later arrivals will have a considerably longer walk. Start times will be allocated and added to the start list approximately one week before the event.


The finish is located within 100m of the start, and shares the same route back to Assembly.

Course details:

We are expecting to provide the following courses at Whitbarrow. Please note that there will be no White course.







No white course





2.0 km

85 m




2.2 km

100 m



Light Green

2.7 km

110 m



Very Short Green

2.5 km

95 m



Short Green

3.0 km

115 m




3.6 km

140 m



Short Blue

4.2 km

160 m




5.3 km

180 m



Short Brown

6.3 km

255 m




7.8 km

300 m




9.6 km

315 m



All course details are subject to final controlling.

The Yellow course has several taped sections where former paths have merged back into the grass. Orange has one taped route near the end. All these sections are marked by red and white streamers (not continuous tape).

It is forbidden to climb the walls shown with purple overprint. Courses other than Black, Brown and Short Brown have no mandatory crossing points. These three courses have several mandatory wall crossings. Some of these are stiles or gaps, all of which have a control adjacent to make their use obvious. Each of these three courses also has a leg where either of two gates (marked by the crossing point symbol) may be used. Here the line joining control circles is broken.



An area of woodland and open limestone fell (70 to 200m altitude) in the South East Lakes. Fabulous views over Morecambe Bay and to the Lakeland fells and Pennine hills on a clear day.

There are numerous small enclosures in the area made of posts and wire. Take care where the wires have detached. There will probably be cattle grazing in the area, possibly close to controls. They pay little attention if you are moving, but may become curious if you stand still. 

Around the edges of the competition area there are very steep high crags – too many to tape. If you find yourself at the top of one, you have made an error! Go back and don’t attempt to climb down. In case of injury, there will be manned first aid points at enquiries, and close to the finish. If you find a casualty please go to the most accessible of these to raise the alarm. 

If there is snow cover it may be necessary to cancel the event because of the nature of the limestone terrain. Please check the SROC website and if pre-entered look for emails. If there is light snow cover, it may still be necessary to cancel Yellow - because the paths may become indistinct.

This is a first class area presenting technical and physical challenges. There are large areas of limestone pavement that are very tricky underfoot at all times and especially in wet weather.


Surveyed and drawn by Malcolm Campbell. 1:10,000 5m contours. Printed on waterproof paper.

Many of the thickets have grown since first mapped. The map has been updated near some control sites, but thickets should not be relied upon for navigation. There is much surface rock, with many boulders and crags. In each location generally only the more significant rock features are mapped.

There are no legends on the maps. Loose legends are available for Orange at the start, and for Yellow at map collection. Control descriptions are printed on the front of all maps (text for Yellow and Orange, pictorial for others). Loose control descriptions are available at the starts.


You should take care when running over limestone pavement, which may be slippery if wet. Beware of grykes partially obscured by vegetation!

All competitors take part entirely at their own risk. Competitors shall take into account their own ability to compete safely.

Please remember should you come across an injured competitor as per the BOF rule; "it is the duty of competitors to give help to an injured competitor even if it means abandoning their own run"

First Aid points will be available at Assembly and Finish

Organisers: Mark Edwards 01524 841130 Paul Wilmore 01772 469538
Planner: Gavin Smith (SROC)
Controller: Roger Smith (LOC)

Last Updated : 04.03.12