Support the North West Junior Squad

Order your personalized keyring here or see below for another way to help the squad.

No need for a key ring? Then use it as a zip pull on a bag or rucksack


One side will have O flag and up to 5 letters eg SROC

On the reverse side we can print your name eg              


Only 1

To order email Karen Nash with your chosen club letters and word (and font) for the reverse.

A new scheme to raise funds

Families with children in the squad are being asked to collect bags of good quality second hand clothing, bedding, curtains, soft toys, belts, handbags and shoes. The more we collect the more we raise. We can if necessary provide bags and are hoping to have two collection points in the club- one in Lancaster and one in Preston. For now any items can be left with the Nash family- either at our house or at an event. If you are bringing large quantities to an event can you let us know in advance so we make sure we have space.
Thanks in anticipation.


Last Updated : 25.08.09