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Tim Watkins Blodslitet 2006

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Final Details  Available as of 061106

NEW DETAILS ADDED 24th Sept 2006 (Junior Restrictions) see below.

Venue:  Bethecar Moor with Nibthwaite, mostly high, open Lakeland fell with complex contour detail. 

Parking: Will be on forest roads

Mass Starts:  Will be from 10.30am.



Map Scale


Estimated Winning Time

Prizes for

A 1:15,000 19-20k 2 hours 15 mins Men
B 1:15,000 12-13k 2 hours Women
C 1:10,000 12-13k 1hr 45 mins M45+ M18-
D 1:10,000 9-10k 1 hr 30 mins W45+ W18-
E 1:10,000 7-8k 1 hr 15 mins
F 1:10,000 4-5k 1 hour

Electronic Punching – SPORTIdent will be used. we are grateful for the continued support of SportIdent UK.  SI Cards are available for hire.  

Closing Date – 4th November 2006.  Entries received after 4th November will be accepted at the Organiser’s discretion and subject to map availability. EOD for E & F courses only - subject to map availability. 

Courses A to D                          By 4th Nov                                By Event                A-D Online Entry closed
Seniors                                         £11.00                                      £13.00
Juniors & Students (M/W20-)          £5.00                                        £6.00

Courses E & F                           By 4th Nov                                By Event                E-F Online Entry closed
Seniors                                         £8.00                                       £10.00
Juniors & Students (M/W20-)          £4.00                                        £5.00

Junior Entry Restrictions
This year it has been decided that a restriction on Junior entries is needed on safety grounds. This will be as follows:-
Course E Juniors must have reached M/WJ4Gold standard
Course F Juniors must have reached M/WJ3Gold standard
Any Juniors entering should make a note of there current standard in the 'additional information' part of the entry form. This is at the request of the planners and controllers due to the nature of the area where the event is being held. As a reminder to all competitors all the courses will be planned to TD5 level.

Entries: preferred method of entry via appropriate on-Line entry form: Paper entries to: David Johnstone, 120 Hacking Drive, Longridge, Preston, PR3 3FP using the official entry form (see below).  Cheques should be made payable to “SROC”.  Final details and results will be posted on this website.  Copies can also be obtained by sending two stamped addressed envelopes with your paper entry form.  Download Paper Entry Form.

Organiser: Sue Denmark 01772 700327
Planners: Frances Watkins and Paul Ferguson
Controller: Carol McNeil (LOC)
Entries Sec: David Johnston 01772 783746

Last Updated : 12.11.06