SROC URBAN STREET LEAGUE: Safety Notice (2015/6)

In case of injury:

·        Ring the Emergency number on your Answer Sheet

·        Give current location (e.g. nearest control number) if you need to be picked up

·        State if you need to be taken direct to A&E or to the Finish


General Advice:

1.   All competitors MUST wear a high-visibility top

2.   Under 16s must either be accompanied by or closely shadowed by an adult

3.   You will need a torch and please note that this year, in order to comply with insurance requirements, British Orienteering has confirmed that every competitor must carry a means of summoning attention/assistance and a back-up light [Rules 4.10.2] It is recommended you carry a second light source rather than a whistle which may attract less desirable help . It is expected that the  organising club check at the start that participants are complying with this rule. In case of Emergency, you may like to carry a mobile phone. Many modern phones have a Torch App which could be used as your back-up light. It could also be used to summon assistance if necessary.

4.   You may like to carry a compass

5.   A person running across a road in such a way as to cause a road user to swerve, thereby causing injury to someone else (the driver or another pedestrian), is likely to be held responsible in that their actions caused the incident

6.   A person running around a ‘blind’ street corner is responsible for not colliding with another pedestrian – so please run wide around corners



Public Liability Insurance Cover [this was clarified during 2014]

·        After taking part in 3 events, participants who are not members of British Orienteering are not covered by its Public Liability Insurance.


Existing Medical Conditions

·        If you wish, please make the Organiser aware of an existing medical condition. The information will be passed to the Series Co-ordinator and kept in confidence.



Bob Nash 19th October 2015