The SROC Club League


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M/W10 - 20


M/W 20 - results are calculated as in previous years.  The reason that these age groups are treated differently to the older groups is that Ranking lists are not generally published for the junior classes.  They are published for M/W20 but based only on the National events for which the JM/W1 - JM/W5L groupings are not used.


In our Club League all regional and National events qualify. However, for those regional events outside the NW it is a good idea to tell me that you competed.  I hope to update regularly so check that I have included your event and you.  That is particularly likely for an event where each class set of results is on a separate web page.  Your best six results count.




JM1 / JW1 (White), JM2 / JW2 (Yellow), JM3 / JW3 (Orange), JM4 / JW4 (Light Green), JM5S /JW5S (Green), JM5M / JW5L (Blue) and JM5L (Brown).

There are various restrictions about what you can run competitively if you hold a Gold Badge.  However, for the purposes of our Club League the following rules will apply: 

  1. The normal course for a particular age group will be as follows:

            M/W10              Yellow

            M/W12              Orange

            M/W14              Light Green

            M/W16              Green

            M/W18, W20     Blue

            M20                  Brown

  1. If you run your normal (as above) course your League points will be calculated as (winners running speed/your running speed)   x   100

  2. There will be a 10%  bonus/penalty for running up/down a class, 20% bonus/penalty for running up/down two classes,   etc. e.g. if a W12 (normally Orange) runs Blue (unlikely, but allowed) she would receive a 30% bonus.

  3. For National events and above the points will be calculated as in 2) above, using the running speed of the winner of the A class with a 5% penalty for running the B course.




Calculations are based on the National Rankings. 

Please note: 

  1. Your best 6 results count (note that is the same as the National Rankings score)

  2. he best six are taken from both your Long and Short course results (for those who have both).

  3. There is a 10% penalty for running Short courses.

  4. The Rankings run on a rolling year so your score in the Club League reflects this.  The Club Championships are decided  by the scores at the end of the calendar year.    Remember that if you are in a new age class then you will probably still have a score in your old class but that score will decrease towards zero as the year goes on.

  5. For those running in a new class or for those who compete only occasionally, you may have less than six scores in the last year.  In that case the number of events on which your score is based is given in brackets after the score.

  6. If you want to know which events contribute to your score then you will find the information on the BOF ranking list

If you do not have access to this then let me know and I will notify you of the counting events. 

Bob Nash

Last Updated : 21.01.10