The SROC Galoppen

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Remember - the Galoppen is primarily based on all colour-coded events (that include white, yellow, orange and light green courses) which are run by SROC, SELOC, LOC, PFO, MEROC, DEE, MDOC, BL, EPOC, AIRE, WCOC, and BARRO. 

(I will search through results from these clubs – if you enter an event organised by another club then you will need to let me know)  

Note that not all of these events have a White course. 

What is a Galoppen?  It’s a Scandinavian word which, roughly translated, means “gallop in the open”.  It tends to be used as the name for a season-long competition based on a particular set of events. The Galoppen caters for the many members who rarely run in badge events but prefer colour coded and schools league competitions.  The Galoppen runs in parallel with the Club League. However, it is not designed in order to allow the various age-class champions to cover themselves in even more glory.  The Galoppen is restricted to runners who fulfil certain criteria, as follows.  Specifically, you will not qualify for the Galoppen if:

a)        You hold a Gold Standard Badge in your present age class

b)        You are the reigning Club Champion in your present class

c)        The Club Statistician has any other reason to believe that you shouldn’t be in the Galoppen, such as you are equivalent Gold standard at the level your age indicates is appropriate. (e.g. you do not qualify under (a) or (b) above solely because you have just moved into a new age class but are clearly of Gold standard in your new class)

I am open to negotiation on point c! 

The Galoppen is based on designated events (see above).  The best four scores count.   There are four sections, for runners on White, Yellow, Orange and Light Green.  You can run whichever you want but I reserve the right to declare any particular runner (e.g. M21s on the Yellow course) as non-competitive. 

Scoring as follows.  Your score equals 100 x (Winners time) / (Your time).  So, the winner will get 100 points and if you take twice as long as the winner you will get 50.

However, only SROC runners (listed as such in the results) are taken into account.  So, the best-placed SROC finisher will count as the course winner as far as the Galoppen is concerned and will get 100 points. 

Please try to have yourself listed as SROC or SROCJ in the Results so I do not miss you. 

Bob Nash

Last Updated : 21.01.10