SROC Summer Series


Stanley Park Results28.6.06


Yellow††††††††††††† Time††††††††

Georgina Greaves 23.35

Jacob Roberts†††††† 20.42




John Gilbert++†††††† 47.30

Lewis Robinson++††† 59.20

Ellie+ Allana††††††††† 57.30



Sue Roome†††††††††††† 31.03†††††††††† 100-10%=90

Tony Davies†††††††††† 31.50†††††††††† 100-10%=90

Stephen Horrocks32.24††††††††† 98 M16

Martyn Roome††††††† 33.00††††††††† 96-10%=86

Bill Hyslop†††††††††††† 35.50††††††††† 94-10%=85

Peter+ Cherith Knott††††††† 43.20††††††††† 92-10%=8398-10%=88

Karl Lee†††††††††††††††† 47.34††††††††† 90 novice



Karen Nash††††††††††† 28.55††††††††† 100

Steve McLean††††††† 28.55mp

Jane Anthony†††††††† 33.50††††††††† 98

Mike Ormerod†††††† 35†††††† mp

Steve Shaw††††††††††† 37.47††††††††† 100

Mike Bray†††††††††††† 37.42 non competitive- ran with blank map

Chris Roberts††††††† 38.30††††††††† 98

Graham Horrocks†† 41.35†††††††††† 96

Matt Nash†††††††††††† 55.00††††††††† 94+10%=103


Great courses and not a bad park at all. It also stayed dry, so the best part of the day too!The Locks idea of making it more technical by including map memory worked well although perhaps having a blank map would have helped those who didnít know the park at all. A shame the turn out was not a little higher.

Matthew learned a very important lesson Ė donít listen to adults and never trust your mum!

Some people were presented with prizes and certificates on the night. If you think you were a winner check the web for overall series scores and then let me know.

I reckon I owe chocolates to Kira Browne, Jenny Tynan, Stephen Horrocks, Tony Davies, F Heron and Nick Andrews. Also certificates for doing 3 events to Ben Selby and Stephen Horrocks.


Karen Nash