SROC Club Picnic 2005

Saturday 9th July

What a tremendous area for the picnic, and what super weather. I suppose you can't really complain that it was too hot to run! Huge thanks to Steve McLean for providing most of the SportIdent kit, supervising the download and producing the results. If you enjoyed your afternoon, then thank Steve as much as Madge & I. Thanks also to Dave Kesby for bringing in a good half of the controls. Also many thanks to Alex Finch for printing the maps.

Control Vandalism. (or the Ex-Control Files) We've all heard of vandalism, of course, and no-one reported problems during the competition. But there WAS sabotage! On bringing in the controls, Steve found that one of the more remote controls was bizarrely altered: The kite and cane were gone, without trace. But the SI unit was still there. Strange enough in itself, but the control had been replaced. No cane, no kite, but a spade handle had been stuck in the ground in the exact place where the kite had been! Weird!


In my role as planner, my first comment is to say that I really enjoyed the opportunity to plan on such a super area. Everything I heard after the event suggested that people had enjoyed the courses. However, I was very disappointed to have misplaced a control (202 on the long course). Retrieving this, I'm horrified that I got it so wrong. As Alex Finch said, it was the same for all, but this does not mean that it was fair for all. As he said, that's why we have Controllers! For those that thought 213 was on the wrong crag, however, I carefully checked this when retrieving controls, and I'm very confident that it was correct.


I really had a problem on Friday evening. Everything seemed to be in place for the event. Suddenly, I realised that I didn't have a magnet to “wake up” the controls. This was after towing our caravan up to Bowland Bridge! I was resigned to driving into Windermere, early on Saturday, to find one, when I should really have been putting out kites. I was worried that the event would be seriously delayed. I then realised that almost all people that come to an orienteering event actually arrive with a magnet, and I had one after all. (not an SI card or a compass).

So what did I do to activate the controls? E-mail with your solution. First correct answer -and any other interesting ones – in the next newsletter.


Long Course

1. Richard Lamb 170pts 53mins 48 secs
2. Karen Nash 170 53-56
3. Alex Finch 170 55-16
4. Jon Carberry 170 55-25
5. David Rosen 170 56-40
6. Gavin Smith 170 58-06
7. Rowena Brown 150
8. Sue Harding 140 54-47
9. Sarah Fulwood 140 57-51
10. Mary Ockenden 120 55-18
11. Martyn Roome 120 57-07
12. Steve Wrigley 140(-20) 63-17
13. Sarah Watkins 110
14. Miriam Rosen 110 (-5)
15. Sue Roome 90
16. Barrie Bertram 30

Short Course

1. Matthew Nash 150 38-48
2. Zoe Harding 150 39-24
3. John Ockenden 140
4. M&S Dent 120 36-43
5. Ellie Granger 120 37-19
6. Maurice Collett 120 38-19
7. Marian Solera 110
8. Helen Ockenden 80
9. Katrin Harding 80 (-15) 42-42
=11. Jayne Finch 60 
=11. Dave and Jamie Kesby 60

Bill & Madge Cook

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