SROC District Event and Yvette Baker Trophy

Sunday 6th November 2005

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In military circles it is said that a battle plan never survives first contact with the enemy! And so it was nearly proved when the event encountered Napoleon’s feared opponent, General Winter (cue the 1812 Overture!) in the shape of the heavy rain. Unfortunately for safety reasons this included preventing the use a mains supply required to generate live results (the results might have been live in a somewhat different sense!) and causing changes to the route to the start. The weather was probably of sufficient deterrence to some less hardy orienteers when one would have expected a fresh frosty morning in early November – who says global warming is not a problem?

So, as Organiser, I want to thank those of you who turned out to compete, both for taking part on what started as a bleak day (it was sunny on Monday morning - honest!) and for being considerate with regards to the directions, safety guidelines and litter! These things really help in the safe and effective organisation of an event.

Thanks are also due to the land and support providers - United Utilities PLC, Hanson Quarries Ltd., and the St John Ambulance. In consultation with Hanson, the car parking monies will be going to Derian House Children’s Hospice near Chorley, while a similar donation will also be made to the SJA.

Lastly, my thanks are due to the SROC members who assisted throughout the day and before. Their response is critical in helping to make these club events successful.

Barrie Bertram

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