SROC Night Street League 2004/2005

Warm-up Event Garstang
Wednesday 6th October 2004
As this was the Training Event the results are given as a single scoring rate table. 

Pos.  Name                   Class   Club    Score   Time    Pen  Net  /hr

=1    John Britton            M53    MDOC      590   77.09    40   550  440
=1    Paul Turner             M46    SELOC     570   77.03    20   550  440
3     Edward Mellor           M35    SELOC     420   59.35         420  420
4     Karen Nash              W43    SROC      470   63.21    65   405  405
5     Chris Rostron           M57    MDOC      450   74.35         450  360
6     Brian Looker            M65    SROC      360   60.47    15   345  345
7     John Ashton             M56    SROC      310   60.10         310  310
8     Paul Ferguson           M53    SROC      290   54.33         290  290
9     Glenys Ferguson         W54    SROC      300   61.00    20   280  280
10    Chris Nash              M8     SROC      150   49.26         150  182
    & Matthew Nash            M11    SROC
    & Bob Nash                M60    SROC
11    Mary Wheeler            W52    SROC      190   48.04    60   130  173
    & Mike Ormerod            M62    SROC
12    Dawn Lock               W59    SROC      150   60.47    15   125  125
13    Peter Knott             M67    SROC      120   47.31    50    70   93
14    Andrew Lees Novice      M27    Ind        40   55.10          43   43

      Jon Carberry            M44    SROC       nc

      Jane Collins            W48    SROC       retired soaked
    & Dick Collins            M61    SROC 

Congratulations if you survived the downpour, or were lucky enough to start late and avoid a wetting. There should be a few lessons to be learnt on map case effectiveness, a spare pencil/crayon that writes on damp ! paper, warm enough clothing, robust torches and eyeware.

There were a few cases of answers in the wrong box, these have been accepted this time but would normally be penalized as ‘mispunching’.

My thanks to Sue and Martyn Roome for their help, especially letting me re-cycling most of their March 2003 event. 

Thanks also to David Whittaker for the base OCAD map. David is promising to come out of street retirement, and I was hoping he could test out his own map. See you soon ?

Also thanks to Sarah, Peter, Lyn and everyone else who assisted on the night.

I have done an invitation version of our programme for Lytham Road Runners, North Fylde AC, Wesham Road Runners and Preston Harriers. Do you know of any other club notice boards that might raise interest in Street for training maybe link into other SROC activities ?

During her summer holiday in Wales, Catherine Taylor has become Mrs Catherine Kitching.  Our congratulations and best wishes for the future to both Catherine and Moz.

The scoring system for this seasons League will remain as that of last season, unless you suggest any improvements at Kirkham and get them agreed by all there. 

Hoping to see you all in action this Wednesday at Kirkham

Ian Evans

Last Updated : 17.10.04