SROC Night Street League 2003/2004

Event 10 Leyland
Wednesday 31st March 2004
75 Mins Long- 

Pos.  Name                   Class   Club    Score   Time    Pen  Net  /hr

1     John Britton            M53    MDOC     790    73.26        790 632
2     Paul Turner             M46    SELOC    860    80.02   100  760 608
3     Paul Ferguson           M53    SROC     760    75.46    15  745 596
4     Dave Hargreaves         M53    SROC     720    74.38        720 576
5     Jon Carberry            M43    SROC     670    73.57        670 536
6     Kevan Latham            M48    SELOC    660    75.11        660 528
7     Edward Mellor           M35    SELOC    630    73.41        630 504
8     Janet Vials             W44    SROC     380    70.07        380 304

60 Mins Standard- 

Pos.  Name                   Class   Club    Score   Time    Pen  Net  /hr

1     Tim Watkins             M48    SROC     630    61.15    25   605
=2    Karen Nash              W43
    & Chris Nash              M8     SROC     570    59.15         570
=2    David Kesby             M35    SROC     620    62.39    50   570
4     Moz Kitching            M45    SROC     560    61.37    30   530
5     Bill Lock               M62    SROC     510    60.23     5   505
6     Steve Wrigley           M41    FMC      490    58.48         490
7     Frances Watkins         W45    SROC     470    59.22     0   470
8     Rowena Brown            W42    SROC     580    66.56   135   445
9     Mike Ormerod            M61    SROC     560    66.59   135   425
10    Glenys Ferguson         W54    SROC     510    65.13   100   410
11    Catherine Taylor        W31    SROC
    & Liz Peak                W32    NFAC     400    58.10         400
=12   Dawn Lock               W59    SROC     350    62.03    40   310
=12   Sue Whyte               W51    SROC     310    55.35         310

30 - 60 Mins Short ( Scores adjusted to 60 minutes equivalent ) 

Pos.  Name                   Class   Club    Score   Time        Pen  Net  /hr

1     Maureen Ashton          W52    PFO ?
    & John Ashton             M55    SROC     460    53.02 50.00  60  400  480
2     Sue Roome               W52    SROC
    & Martyn Roome            M52    SROC     350    44.47 47.00      350  447
3     Dot Griffiths           W ?    MDOC     190    39.53 45.00      190  253
4     Dave Griffiths          M ?    MDOC     160    42.36 45.00      190 253

Malcolm feels that as he was not with us, he is not well placed to make any comments as the Planner.

Our thanks to Malcolm for the courses, and to Brian for course checking, and to Gemma for leading the team of substitutes on the night, and also to Bernie Temmen and Ms Venn, the head, for the use of Balshaws.

People seem to have enjoyed having a daylight event to close the series, I was prepared for a load of whinging that it did not stretch your night skills. A welcome to our visitors Kevan Latham from SELOC, and my old friends dating back to a 1966 trip in a ‘Liverpool’ team to the Swedish Euromeet, Dave and Dot Griffiths.

A little of the edge was taken off the grandstand finish with Ali injured through a lack of concentration descending Ingleborough ? the previous weekend. As a result about half of you had scoring runs.

Paul took this opportunity to creep past Ali on the Mens handicap, although of course Ali leads the basic scoring rate table with a perfect 500. David Kesby overtook Steve Wrigley for 3rd place on the Men and he beat the system by being the most improved performer for the second successive year when we ignore the class winners and runners up. A fine performance, and if he keeps it up Ali and Paul may be under pressure next season. Steve and Edward Mellor both finished with a good series of runs, and deserved their prizes and so now lose their novice status.

Due to Bob Nash being on family duties elsewhere, Karen paired up with young Chris. They went like a bomb, as was obvious from the rosy glow on Chris’ face on their return, and it was good enough to edge past Lady Vets winner Glenys to take the Ladies trophy. ( Does anyone have a spare trophy we can recycle for Veteran Ladies ? )

John Britton’s second win took him equal on points to Brian Looker on the Veteran Men.

It is good to see such good competition in the close scores at the top of each class. Mary & Mike, and Team Roomes, though have a hard job next season to close up to the outstanding score in the pairs of Team Ashton.

Thanks to Maurice Dean for setting up the Prizegiving, and to SROC Honorary member Roy Woodcock for presenting the prizes. I should have brought a few of Roy’s pioneering maps for circulation, but several of you saw Blind Pews map of the Ginnels of St Annes produced by Roy’s friend the late Bob Stride. Several of us remember the pioneering days of SROC Street O where the star event started from Bob’s house in Shepherds Road, St. Annes, and ended in their kitchen where Lesley had a hot-pot waiting. We then had competitions on an early BBC computer with the original Forest orienteering game. I think Bob was chairman of the original BAe O Club, and after his retirement Bob and Lesley moved out to Ariege, France, where their daughter supplies tasty British goodies to the local ex-pats.

I am still open to offers to take over running the league. When Brasher and Disley set up BOF in the 60’s they wanted to avoid the classic AAA problem of all jobs were for life and held by non-competitors. I am now ever more non-competitive, and have rather more senior moments than bright new ideas. I will circulate a list of suggested venues after JK & Blodslitet are behind us. The 10 or 11 events needs almost everyone to share organizing an event, and I thank our SELOC & MDOC guests who have offered to help. I thought the hot-pot went particularly well this time, so does anyone else know a place, or have sports club contacts, where we can get a private room at a rock bottom price. Any other bright ideas are always welcome to keep our format fresh, but they need to keep the priorities on useful training, and friendly competition and socializing.

Peter is keen we tidy up our risk assessment and safe procedures to protect both the competitor and the organizer. If you have relevant experience please let us have your suggestions. As a minimum, we need to have signing in to accept you will follow safety guidelines, always display a map showing any hazards and a copy of the risk assessment, and for organizers to stick closely to recommended safety procedures. 

Ian Evans

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