SROC Night street league event 8

Wednesday 8th Feb 12

Eccleston (New map) Score event: 40, 60 or 75 minutes
Venue – The Original Farmers Arms, Towngate, Eccleston, Chorley, PR7 5QS
Starts 6.30 to 7.30. Entry fee: £2 seniors/juniors £1. (May be an additional charge for facilities). Lights desirable, high visibility clothing essential. Organiser Andy Quickfall 01257 450339
Series coordinator Bob Nash 01772 721573
Click "Details" for extra information on this event. It will be "a little bit different."

Map – 1:17,500 newly drawn by Andy Quickfall, December 2011-January 2012

Car Parking – the pub car park is quite small. Please DO NOT PARK IN FRONT of the pub as we have been especially asked to keep this area clear for other customers, but you may use the car park at the side. Once this is full please park along the main road SE of the pub where there are no yellow lines.

Changing - Changing by the roadside is not recommended, as this road is quite busy and you might end up getting arrested! Please come inside and use the small area reserved for orienteers, or the toilets.
Food – the pub has a very extensive menu, ranging from Kangaroo Steak to filled baguettes and sandwiches. Food orders are taken until 2115, so there should be no problem in ordering after your run. Please use the restaurant area to eat your meal.

Special details – Eccleston has quite a small ‘urban’ area of approx 1km square, so the map has been extended to cover the even smaller neighbouring village of Heskin Green and also a larger ‘rural’ area. Outside the 2 villages, minor roads are generally unlit and without footpaths, but quiet. Special awareness of traffic is essential as some drivers go fairly fast along these narrow lanes. HIGH-VIS is ESSENTIAL for all course lengths. There are also 2 busy main roads, but these are street lit and have a footpath on at least one side – please use it! Please also take special care crossing the main roads.

Several small rural paths are also mapped. Where shown as ‘distinct’ these are easy to follow and usually have fences / hedges along one or both sides. ‘Indistinct’ paths are just that, but nearly all of these follow field boundaries, though sometimes the path is barely visible on the ground. HEADTORCHES are ESSENTIAL or you will have difficulty on all these paths. Some paths are also muddy, or very wet – this is indicated on the map by the word ‘mud’. You should expect all rural paths to be slightly wet in places.

Special ‘rural’ control features are also used, due to the lack of street furniture. The answers required are consistent according to the type of feature – gates (number of bars), bridges (number of handrails on 2 sides), and stiles (number of bars). There will be photos of typical features displayed on the day so there should be no confusion about what answer is required. An ‘x’ is used to mark the position of ALL of these features – only the description sheet tells you which one it is. Sometimes an ‘x’ can indicate the presence of more than one feature at the same location, for example a stile and a bridge. Note that at junctions with roads these features are NOT mapped, but they could still be used for the description.

This event will be a little different to the fully urban street league events at places such as Ashton, Chorley or Heysham, but I hope you will all come and enjoy a slightly different challenge!


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