SROC Annual General Meeting & run

Wednesday 16th Sep 09

Meet at 6.30 pm for a pre-AGM run. (Optional). *Note change of venue*
Followed by the Annual General Meeting in Room C36, Physics Building, Lancaster University at 7.30 pm.
Please bring something to add to the Jacob's Join buffet.

See details below for directions to the new AGM room.

The run will be lead by Rownena Browne and start from the rear of the Physics department. See map.

The AGM is not at the usual place but is now in room C36 of the Physics Department at Lancaster University. From the north-east corner of the central Alexandra Square go 10m northwards up the spine and turn right past the main entrance to the Physics Department. Those doors will be locked. Go another 10m (eastwards and slightly down) and turn right into a small alleyway. A side door (which will be open) to the Physics Department is immediately on your right. Proceed up to C floor and room 36.


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