SROC Committee Meeting 2 October 2008


Present: Quentin Harding, Dave Hargreaves, Martyn Roome, Rowena Browne, Steve McLean, Alex Finch, Gavin Smith, Julian Lailey, Karen Nash, Matthew Nash and Sarah Watkins.


Apologies: Chris Roberts


The 3 new members were welcomed to the Committee.

1.       Club Objectives: very similar to last year- two main themes of consolidate on success of O Zone and provide a full programme for existing members. There was discussion about what else should be highlighted- Participation Project, finding new areas to map and training those who wish to be able to extend and remap, train more people to be Si competent.


2. Allocation of Roles:

Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary were voted for at AGM.

Willing to stay in post were Fixtures (RB), Mapping (AF), Permissions (DH).

Junior Rep (MN), after some discussion Coaching (QH) and Volunteer Manager (JL), Publicity (SMcL). Nobody volunteered to take on Club Captain so SW remains in that role for the time being. Still vacant are Social Secretary and New member development (Tony Marlow may be interested). ACTION KN email out current job descriptions for checking and update.


  1. Minutes of last meeting and of recent AGM were accepted.


4. Fixtures: see sheets

People liked QHs year at a view and it was agreed now updated this should go on the web ACTION CR/QH

There was discussion about how events may change from Jan and the implications of this. RB feels that 2008 is OK but fixtures for after Feb2009 need the sub group to meet as lots is still to be decided. DH hopes that Farleton will be OK in early March but is struggling to get permission.


AF email Low Park Wood map to Philip G and JL

Sub group meet for 2009+

MR/RB get L5D dates and day we are responsible for- hopefully at NWOA


Discussion on best action re Chorley Sprint O, general reluctance to commit until we know costs and get Meroc to agree it is Sunday and will be part of a weekend

ACTION MR ask OD about costs of theirs, AF get rough cost of Sprint O map for Chorley and those at NWOA to resolve the sat/sun/ weekend issue.


5. Mapping.

Dunsop Bridge- no parking yet ACTION QH find out where Hodder show parked

Duxbury not heard

Wellington Wood- JL making progress

B Fell updated ACTION BN email new Ocad to AF and check the Junior map

Farleton- not heard ACTION AF find out from Roy and Bill C

Warrior have suggested not only sharing some areas but that we map some new ones and M Bagness does it eg Potter Tarn, Kendal area for schools, N of Crossthwaite, Rusland and more ACTION AF to follow these up and make a start with the most useful.


6. Junior Issues

* SROC junior Squad shirts suggest that we publicise these with the new juniors and allow them to buy them after completing this series of training. ACTION MN find out what stock we have and if there are second hand ones to pass down.

* Explorer Badges suggesting that new juniors can work towards these as they start attending events, SROC will fund ACTION MN get details of scheme

* Shoe bin swap or donate, Nash family to hold the bin

* articles for newsletter and Junior pages ACTION MN to try to persuade others to write by asking in person and on rota. Suggested that this could include Junior web pages and Message board

* Junior training for Si- QH suggests start with Young Leaders, they are keen and can play an increasing role, perhaps start at White Coppice.


7. Publicity- Lords Lot event in local paper- shame now cancelled.


8. Social

- JK and BOC accommodation. Seems expensive and limited or full. Suggest list some possibilities on web and try to meet for a meal ACTION SW ask locals re venue for meal on Sat night.

- Ceilidh 17 tickets sold, more available


9. Treasurer no real change since AGM although Equipment Officer suggests we need to spend ₤500 on signs, First Aid and Batteries. Also we agreed to 4 / 2 pairs of Al ladders for styles. Decided no need for new tent or flip clock yet. ACTION DC contact PK and SW let him know there may be a Club Mark banner available soon.


10. Secretary nothing to report


11. Club Captain CSC 51 seater coach booked and nearly full. Agreed ₤8 an adult and ₤2.50 juniors for coach and event ie coach is free. ACTION MR to email all and say last chance to join us, QH to bring Rattles etc, MR bring banner. Tent is in garage? KN asked when we will know which courses we are running.



         John O and Katrin H have set up O clubs at schools. Asked if they may spend some of ₤800 Lancaster money on this to cover costs. Agreed Yes. SW suggested they might use BO facility to print postcard size info./ invites to Spook O etc

  • Newsletter due very soon
  • First Aid- may need a course soon, especially for coaches. Action SW
  • Participation Project- 4 weeks now with between 30-40 a night, paying for itself just about, roughly 2/3 SROC and 1/3 Bowland. QH suggested we may need new ideas so it does not become stale, a notice board would be good, others need to get involved not just QH, open longer in eve now night school had started, use classrooms eg Sutton Park map, meet after on Tues upstairs and list what else people want. QH thanked for all he has done.


Next Meeting 4 Dec at Roomes House.