Northern Championships Festival of Orienteering


LOC Middle Distance Races, Summerhouse Knott Saturday 3rd May

SROC National Event, Gummer's How & Blakeholme Sunday 4th May

LOC Urban Race, Kendal Monday 5th May

all events part of the UK Orienteering League

Come and celebrate ‘50 years of Orienteering in England’ at the Northern Championships Festival of Orienteering. Hosted by SROC – the Red Rose Orienteers (England’s oldest club) and by Lakeland OC. The festival will take place near Newby Bridge in South Lakeland over some of the finest orienteering terrain in the country. It will consist of a middle distance race at Summerhouse Knott (LOC), the Northern Championships (SROC) at Gummers How and Blakeholme, an area last used for a national event in 2000, and an Urban Event at Kendal (LOC) previously used at the British Championships weekend in 2012

More photos of the areas in the SROC Gallery  

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Assessor report

Northern Championships organiser's comments

Northern Championships planners' comments.

Photos (Blakeholme)  credit: Wendy Carlyle (Kendal)  credit: Wendy Carlyle


Day 1 Summerhouse Knott results Day 1 RouteGadget Day 1 Winsplits online Day 1 Splitsbrowser
Day 2 Gummer's How & Blakeholme results

All classes (pdf)

Day 2 RouteGadget  V1

Day 2 RouteGadget  V2

Day 2 Winsplits online Day 2 Splitsbrowser
Day 3 Kendal results Day 3 RouteGadget Day 3 Winsplits online Day 3 Splitsbrowser

Final Details

Final details for the Middle race (Day1). Download (PDF) here.

Final details for the Northern Championships (Day 2). Download (PDF) here.

Final details for the Urban event (Day3). Download (PDF) here.


On-line entries preferred, via Fabian4. Entries open 17th December 2013 and close at midnight 27th April 2014. You may also enter on paper, using the standard entry form, (one form per day) posted to David Johnstone, 120 Hacking Drive, Longridge, Preston, PR3 3FP. Important information - please read before entering. Days 1 & 3 allow entry by choosing the colour course you wish to run. If you want to run the course recommended for your age class please check out the tables below before entering. Day 2 entries for championship courses are by age class. There are also non championship colour coded courses available.

Entry Fees:

Day 1 (Middle, level B) Senior £10 for all courses, except Light Green, Orange and Yellow, for which entry fee is £5. Junior £5 for all

courses. Day 3 (Urban, level B) Senior £10 for all courses, Junior £5 for all courses. £2 supplement for non BOF Seniors on both days

Lots of entries will be available on the day, with extra £2 supplement for seniors, £1 supplement for juniors.


Day 2 (Northern Championships level A) BOF members only on championship courses

- Up to 31/01/2014  Senior £14, Junior £6

- Then up to 03/03/2014  Senior £15, Junior £7

- Then up to closing date 27/04/2014  Senior £16, Junior £8

- Non championship (colour coded) courses Senior £6, Junior £3.£2 supplement for non BOF Seniors

Closing date 27/04/2014 No late entries or entries on the day.


SI card hire £1:00 per event. £30.00 charge if lost.


Day 1 LOC Middle Distance races Summerhouse Knott, Newby Bridge

Summerhouse, which adjoins Haverthwaite Heights, scene of the British Middle Distance Championships in 2010, offers similarly intricate, but very runnable, terrain, mainly oak woodland, but with some semi-open and some denser conifer. This event is part of the UK Orienteering League.

The Start Period for the Summerhouse Knott Middle Distance races will be 1200 to 1430.


Day 1 Middle Distance Races. Please check back later for further details on course lengths etc.
Course Length Men classes Women classes
Black 5.0 - 7.0 21,35,40,18, 20  
Brown Men 4.1 - 5.8 45, 50  
Brown Women 4.1 - 5.8   21, 18, 20
Blue Men 3.7 - 5.4 55, 60, 16  
Blue Women 3.7 - 5.4   35, 40
Green 3.0 - 4.2 65, 70 16, 45, 50
Short Green 2.5 - 3.5 75, 80, 85 55, 60, 65
Very Short Green 2.0 - 2.8   70, 75, 80, 85
Light Green 2.2 - 3.1 14 14
Orange 1.5 - 2.1 12 12
Yellow 1.5 - 2.1 10 10


Day 2 SROC Gummer's How and Blakeholme

On Sunday SROC – The Red Rose Orienteers and England’s first orienteering club present the centre piece of their ‘50th anniversary celebrations’ – the Northern Championships, a level A event and part of the UKOL over some of the best orienteering areas in the Lake District. Largely unused since a national event in 2000 the area has been re-surveyed by Martin Bagness in spring 2013. The competition area is based over the steep partially open fell slopes of Gummers How and the runnable coniferous and delightful oak woodlands of Blakeholme. The area is accessed from the A592 near the village of Newby Bridge.


Day 2 Northern Championships. Length and climb subject to final controlling
Course Length Climb Men classes Women classes
1 9.6 450 21L  
2 7.6 375 35L, 40L  
3 6.6 320 45L, 50L, 20L, 18L 21L
4 6.1 260 55L, 21S  
5 5.1 260 60L, 16A, 35S, 40S 35L, 40L
6 4.6 225 Long Orange Long Orange
7 4.7 245 65L, 45S, 21V 45L, 50L, 20L, 18L
8 3.9 200 70L, 50S, 55S, 20S, 18S 55L, 21S, 16A
9 3.7 190 75L, 60S 60L, 35S
10 3.5 150 65S 65L, 70L, 40S, 45S, 50S
11 2.9 125 80, 70S 75, 20S, 18S, 21V, 55S, 60S
12 2.3 100 85, 90, 75S 80, 65S, 70S
13 1.2 45   85, 90
14 4.2 200 14A, 16B  
15 2.7 130 Light Green 14A, 16B, Light Green
16 2.4 130 12A, 14B 12A, 14B
17 2.1 130 10A, 12B, Yellow 10A, 12B, Yellow
18 1.5 45 10B, White 10B, White


Day 3 LOC Urban races Kendal

A repeat of the very successful Kendal Urban Event organised by Lakeland after the 2012 British Long Distance and Relay Championships. Those who competed last time will remember all the intricate alleyways and yards that make Kendal such an excellent urban competition area. This event is part of the UK Orienteering League.

Junior Men (M16-) and Junior Women (W16-), under the age of 16 on the day of the event, can only enter the Light Green or Yellow Courses.


Day 3 Urban Races. Please check back later for further details on course lengths etc.
Course Length Men classes Women classes
Black 6.0 - 10.0 Men Open(18-35)  
Brown 5.0 - 8.0 Veteren Men (40+) Women Open (18-35)
Blue 4.0 - 6.5 Super Veteran Men (55+) Veteran Women (40+)
Green 3.0 - 5.0 Ultra Veteran Men (65+) Super Veteran Women (55+)
Short Green 2.5 - 4.0   Ultra Veteran Women (65+)
Light Green 3.0 - 5.0 Junior Men (16-) Junior Women (16-)
Yellow 2.0 - 3.5 Young Junior Men (12-) Young Junior Women (12-)



Helpers: As at any orienteering event we will need many helpers to make the events run smoothly, performing such tasks as registration, parking, start, finish and download. SROC members who help at the SROC event (day 2) qualify for a 50% discount on entry fees as recognition of their contribution. To volunteer your services, and to get the discount code (needed when entering on-line), please contact the Organiser

LOC members who help on the Saturday or Monday will receive the usual voucher, giving free entry to a future Level C or D event of their choice.


Dogs: On Day 1, the Middle Distance Event on Summerhouse Knott, well behaved dogs on leads are welcome in the parking area only.


At the Northern Championships on Day 2, dogs are welcome in the parking area, which is situated in a Forestry Commission plantation. They are not, however, allowed in assembly, at the request of the landowner.


On Day 3, in Kendal, there are no restrictions on dogs, though they would not be welcome to accompany runners on courses.


Parking/Assembly Fields:

Details will be added nearer the time.


Day 1: Complex mixed woodland.

Day 2: This is one of the best Lake District areas. It includes the steep slopes of Gummer’s How with views over Windermere, a dark but runnable coniferous plantation and delightful oak woodlands all with plenty of contour detail and crags. There are very few paths!

Day 3: Complex town which is not flat!


Day 1:

Day 2: 1:10000 5m contours for all classes. Updated by Martin Bagness 2013.

Day 3:


Details will be added nearer the time.


Day 1

Organiser: Sheila Hobson LOC
Planner: Chris Heppenstall LOC
Controller: Sara Campbell DEE

Day 2

Organiser: Tony Marlow SROC
Planners: David & Miriam Rosen SROC
Controller: Ray Collins

Day 3

Organiser: Dick Towler LOC
Planner: Tony Richardson LOC
Controller: Tony Carlyle AIRE


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