Peter Palmer Relays 2007

This year, unfortunately, the Peter Palmers aren't in Blackburn like hoped, but are down in the South Central on the 9th/10th September.(this is the weekend after school starts for most people) Despite the long journey, we are still planning to enter at least 1 team, and if possible (thinking of the increasing number of active juniors in the club) two.
For any of you that aren't familiar with the setup, it would mean arriving on Saturday, sleeping in a hall, school, or if we're lucky, army barracks. The race starts at around 4:30 in the morning, and the legs are as follows:
1    Red    (night leg)    about 5km 
2    Red    (night leg)    about 5km 
3    Light Green    (dawn leg)-often starts dark, but finishes when light enough to not need a headtorch    about 4km
4    Orange    (day leg)    about 3km
5    Yellow    (day leg)    about 2km
6    Green    (day leg)    about 6km
So as you can see, there are a minimum of 6 members per team, although we can put up to 3 runners on the yellow course, taking the first one home as the time for the race.
Unfortunately for some of our younger juniors, there is an age limit on entrants, all runners must be M/W12+.
Another limitation is that each team must contain 2 boys and 2 girls. The yellow leg runners will only count as boys/girls if all runners on the leg are boys/ girls.
Depending on the number of teams we can enter, we will need a certain number of parent helpers. If we do get two full teams, it may be possible to get a minibus, but we will still need adult helpers for it to be possible.
It is a great experience, even with the long journey, and I would urge anyone to try it.
Please get back to me as soon as possible with if you are/aren't wanting/available to come.

Katrin Harding


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