Orienteering in Slovenia

To keep up our tradition for the last four years I searched for an orienteering event on the continent and after the schools had broken up for the summer. Not so easy – most were in June and early July. Then finally I found one – The Cerkno Cup, 3 days in Slovenia. It would have been nice to be 5 days but it would do. We could base our holiday around this. In fact the more we researched the better it looked. Huge mountains, via ferrata, rivers with white water etc. If we ran out of things to do it was not far to the Dolomites where we knew there was masses we still wanted to do.

The orienteering was great. This year the Cerkno Cup was not in Cerkno but based in Logatec to make use of some newly mapped karst areas. As a result we nearly missed the practice day! The event was well run and incredibly friendly. The numbers entered were not huge, and the organisers were a little disappointed with this, but we all had competition in our age classes.

The first day was wet. It poured down all day. It was also possibly the technically hardest area we had ever orienteered on and it was quite physical even if not very hilly. Quite a shock to the system. Many gave up and Chris and I couldn’t believe we both finished second. We also got to know the organisers very well as at 6pm we were still bogged down in the car park field awaiting the local farmer with his amazing tractor and winch. 

Overnight the weather cleared up and the remaining two days were hot and sunny. This is what we had come abroad for. The orienteering was also a little easier. Day 2 and 3 were on the same area but they had made very good use of the map and I could not believe that day 2 had seemed so easy and parts of day 3 such a nightmare! All in all it was a success. Chris had a good run on the third day and moved into Gold. I despite a terrible leg midway round my course did better than some and managed to stay in second place overall.

The rest of the holiday was also great, with adventures as usual – but they are another story!

Karen Nash

Last Updated : 24.09.06