SROC Committee Meeting  4.12.2006     Minutes


Present: Alex Finch, Rowena Browne, Peter Knott, Steve McLean, Dick Collins, Quentin Harding, Martyn Roome, Katrin Harding, Dave Hargreaves, Karen Nash.


  1. Apologies: None
  2. Matters Arising:


  1. Club Objectives – MR would like this to be a regular item so we can review progress. ( see sheet enclosed) Already:


  1. Fixtures: aim tonight to make sure clear upto end of 2007 summer.



  1. Juniors:


  1. Club Captain – we agreed our first choice for CSCup is Sail Fell near Keswick.


  1. Club Diner – Agreed on Fri 16 March Action SW check out Huntleys for price and menu and see if D Rosen would be speaker.


  1. Secretary- new membership is mostly in hand.


  1. Organisers Handbook- QH thanked people for their help so far. He is trying to produce a reference book, task list and eventually local area files too. Also to set standards of what we aim to provide (see sheet) Action All – email QH with ideas, changes etc.


  1. AOB – new date for meeting with Chorley 15 Jan at Tickled Trout – Action All email SM can we go or not.


NEXT MEETING – 5 Feb at Roomes