MDOC Compass Sport Cup

Sunday April 9th - Macclesfield

Car Parking:: The United Utilities Forestry Office GR SJ960712. Approach is recommended from Macclesfield via Sutton Lane Ends and will be signed from Langley village.
The forest office has limited car parking and once full, parking will then be alongside Ridgegate reservoir, you may be up-to 1km away. Please obey the marshals and park where shown as close as possible to the road side and other vehicles. Coaches and mini-buses should proceed direct to the forest office. Please do not arrive before 8.30am.
N.B. The public car park and overflow car park which are nearby and marked on the OS map are Out Of Bounds to Orienteers as this is a condition of our use of the forest office. Whilst you may use these areas for the toilets and hot food, you are requested not to park in these areas.

Dogs: In car park on leads.

Club Tents: There are NO areas available for club tents.

Toilets: Three cubicles are available at registration. A further three cubicles plus gents urinal are available in the public visitor centre which is 200m walk from registration.

Registration and Dibber Hire: This is indoors in the Barn and will endeavour to open at 9.00am.  Pre-entries who have an SI card should proceed direct to the start for their allocated start time. Pre-entries who are hiring an SI card should first identify themselves at the dibber hire point where they will be given a dibber.  Changes to pre-entries please should be made through the club captains if at all possible.  Limited EOD is available for all Compass Sport courses (£6.00/£3.00) subject to availability of start times. Competitive entries will be given a start time which must be adhered to. Entry on the day is also available for White/Yellow courses £1+50p Dibber Hire who will be allocated the next available start time at the start.  For all EOD, a registration form should be completed, dibber hire performed (if required) before handing the completed form to registration with your payment. You will be given a sealed map which should not be opened or looked at until you have started. 

Safety:  Competitors are responsible for their own safety and take part at their own risk. Macclesfield forest is high, can be cold and so depending on the weather the carrying of cagoules and whistles may be compulsory. If this is the case a notice to this effect will be posted at registration and on the route to the start.  A first aid kit and clean water is provided, anyone requiring treatment should contact registration. The nearest A&E department is at Macclesfield Hospital.

String Course: By popular demand a free string course will be provided from the large tent across the car park in front of registration. 

Map: 1:10,000 5m Contours – A4 Bagged with control descriptions on the back.  Last formal updates Feb 2005 but the map has been updated, where necessary, during the planning and controlling process over the past two months.  On some courses the legend may be removed, some spare copies will be available at registration.

Control Descriptions:  Pictorial descriptions for CSCup courses will be on the back of the maps. Some loose control descriptions will be provided at registration. Written descriptions are provided on the map for White/Yellow.

Clothing:  A limited clothing transfer will be provided from the start, place your unwanted items in the black bags at the start and they will make it back to registration some time later – this may be after the start has closed for later runners.

Start:  The start is approx 1.25km plus 100m climb on road and track from registration, allow 15 to 20 minutes brisk walk. Once at the start, all competitors should clear their SI-Cards at the Clear Boxes.  Call-up is at –3 minutes, at the allotted start time pre-entries will be called forward by name, EOD by start time. Blank maps will be available at –2 minutes. Please arrive in good time for your start.  White/Yellow and Late Arrivals should report to the other marshall who will allocate the next available start time. On some CS-Cup courses this may be some time later! Under no circumstances will competitors be allowed to start early.  At their start time, competitors must punch before picking up or opening their map.
Please be aware of the following: The uphill track to the start is well used by the mountain bikers, so please leave plenty of room for them to descend safely, both at the pre-start and on the walk to the start. 


01 Brown    Men  7.2k 435m
02 Blue   Women 5.4k 340m
03 Blue   Men 5.4k 340m
04 Green  Women 3.8k 270m
05 Green  Men  3.6k 220m
06 Short Green Veterans 2.8k 125m
07 Light Green  Juniors  3.0k 125m
08 Orange   2.2k 105m
09 Yellow   2.1k  75m
10 White   1.3k 40m

Terrain Notes: Late March & early April is one of the better times for Orienteering in Macclesfield Forest, as the rain / snow / frost has killed off or flattened the majority of last year’s undergrowth. The undergrowth screen has been mapped to reflect this. However the rain has lead to the ground being wetter than usual (so the linear marshes tend to have small streams running down them and the ends / edges of the marshes are not always distinct).  Macclesfield Forest is a working forest, so there are areas of forest that have been recently felled or thinned (and the map updated appropriately). The forest is also well used by the general public, and particularly by local mountain bikers. A specialised off-road downhill mountain bike route has been built, this is mapped as a path, however there is an area near the top of the route where there are subsidiary routes which are not mapped, the relevant area will be marked on the blank maps at the start.

Road Crossings:  The green, blue and brown courses cross a number of minor roads where care should be taken. The crossing points marked on the map and on the ground are compulsory. Please report any damage to the finish.

Finish & Results:  There are two finishes. The finish for the longer CS-Cup courses (green, blue & brown) at the southern end of the dam approx 200m from registration. The run-in is across the top of the reservoir dam. Due to the wet conditions underfoot we would be grateful if spectators could remain in the car park.  The face of the dam is strictly out of bounds to competitors and spectators.  The finish for the shorter courses is 100m from the main finish and the route back to the car park crosses the minor road at the public visitor centre.  Download is located at registration. We will endeavour to show provisional course, cup & trophy results as soon as possible. Final results will appear on the web at after the event.
N.B. Course closing time is at 15.00pm, please report to registration and download even if you have not finished your course.

Refreshments & Traders:  Water will be available in the car park near download.  A cake stall also serving hot & cold drinks in aid of the North West Junior Squad will be available at registration, please make full use of these facilities.
A selection of high quality hot food is also available at ‘Nice Nosh’ located in the public car park nearby. Compass Point will be in attendance supplying the normal orienteering gear.

Protests:  Protests should be made verbally in the first instance to the controller (Mike Greenwood). If this fails to resolve to both parties satisfaction then a further protest should be made in writing, an independent jury will then be formed.

Organiser: Paul Jarvis. (Home) 01625 585056
Planner: Steve Lang.
Controller: Mike Greenwood.

Sarah Watikins

Last Updated : 06.04.06