SROC District Event, LSOA and Yvette Baker Cup Regional Round

6th November 2005 - White Coppice and Brinscall

Newest Information (added 31.10.05): Competitors coming to the event should note that a road race will be taking place at the same time as this event, in the area of Wheelton, Brinscall and Abbey Village. As advised on the event flyer vehicles are to approach from the roundabout at M65 J3 down the A675 through Abbey Village. It is strongly recommended that arrival at the assembly area should be timed to be before 10.30 a.m. or after 11.15 a.m. as there will be the risk of traffic delays during the period in-between. Subsequently, exit from the event will be made in the opposite direction. 

Introduction This event is hosting the Yvette Baker Trophy Round and also one of the Lancashire Schools Orienteering Association League events. It makes use of a newly redrawn map and covers the old White Coppice area with additional areas from Anglezarke introduced. The event area is easily accessible using the M6, M61 and M65 motorways. The area to be used is a combination of mature woodland containing deciduous and conifer, and open and exposed moorland. The woodland has variable run-ability and the worst of the undergrowth should be avoided. Likewise the moorland does have some tough heather and tussocks but other areas are surprisingly run-able 

Directions: For safety reasons and to minimise disruption to Brinscall residents, all vehicles are required to approach the Assembly Area (OS Maps 102 or 103, GR 634216) via the A675 south from Junction 3 of the M65, turning west where signed in Abbey Village. Signs from there will lead to the Assembly Area which is located in a working quarry.

Parking  (Fees are going to a local Charity) 

Cars: 1.00 
Minibuses: 3.00. 

Registration 10:00am to 12:00am.  Entry fees 2:00 juniors 4:00 seniors. SI card (dibber) hire 50p

Courses  The event will run the colour coded courses White to Brown. 

All courses will use the electronic Sport Ident system. Courses will close at 2:30pm. Please report to the finish and download your SI dibber even if you do not complete your course.

Starts  Starts will take place between 10:30 and 12:30. Start times will be given at registration.

Maps  1:10,000.

Safety  Competitors are requested to heed instructions given by officials on the day with particular regard to Out of Bound areas, parking and other safety issues. 

Cagoules may be compulsory dependant on weather

Whistles are required.

Traders  Traders are welcome (but please contact the Organiser beforehand).

Planner Dave Hargreaves SROC
Controller Mike Ormerod SROC
Organiser Barrie Bertram or on 01 524 770112 (however, no calls after 10 pm please, due to ongoing critical beauty sleep requirements!
Helpers various members of SROC and friends..

Barrie Bertram

Last Updated : 31.10.05