Trainee and experienced computer operators wanted.

25th September - Elnup Woods, Wigan

Many of you reading this will already be experienced organisers, planners or helpers who do much to ensure the smooth running of South Ribble's wide ranging event program. Others may be relatively new to the sport, and wondering how you can contribute to the club's success, because of course all events are only made possible by volunteer effort. Still others may be looking for a change after a few years on the same "job".

Whilst of course I would never poach team members from another area, the club needs a larger pool of trained operators to look after the computing side at events. It is difficult to learn even the basics at a large event, while the smaller ones tend to be run by a skeleton staff of old hands.  Therefore, after discussion with our chairman Peter Knott, I propose to use the forthcoming Schools League events at Elnup Woods on 25th September and Worden Park on 23rd October as "live" training for any past, present or future members of the results team. I am hoping that enough will come forward to enable a full team to be fielded for the Yvette Baker, Schools League and full colour coded event at White Coppice on 6th October. This last event is expected to be well attended, and will create a heavy workload for the computer team on competitor input.

Provided all goes well this autumn we will be in a strong position to cope with the demands of the club's major event next March; the World Ranking and National event on Whitbarrow Scar.


Q. Do I have to be a computer whizz-kid?
A. No, but reasonable familiarity with a keyboard will help, and touch-typing skills would be even better! However the main requirement is a desire to learn.

Q. Will I have to miss my run?
A. Definitely not. We always aim to have two full shifts, thereby allowing everyone to have a run. Just like other helpers you will either start very early or quite late, and of course your day out will be longer than if you just came to run.

Q. Do I need to bring a computer?
A. No, we generally need between one and three laptops depending on the size of the event, and these are already available within the club. However, if you have a suitable laptop and are happy to bring it along, this will certainly help out during training and at larger events. I can add several more to the network without problems. Basic minimum requirements are Win 98 (XP preferably) with Ethernet/LAN connection. You would need to install the software, which can be downloaded from the internet or alternatively I have the install files on CD.

Q. Can I practice with the software at home before an event?
A. Yes, you can download a free demo version from

Q. Why would I choose the computer results team to work on?
A. Well, you get to work in the dry, sitting down and with the knowledge that your contribution is vital to the success of the event.

Q. Do I have to commit to all the events you mention above?
A. No, though if you have those dates free then great. Even if you can't make any of the autumn events, but are still interested in adding your skills to the team, please let me know. There will always be more events. 

Q. My main interest is in planning events. Will the training on offer help me with programming SI controls?
A. Sorry, that would be a different training session. This training is purely for operating the system on the day of the event. You can still join in though; there's nothing to stop you becoming a results team regular in between planning other events!

Q. How can I find out more to make sure this is for me?
A. Email me, preferably on my Hotmail address:, or call 01524 39916..

Chris Roberts

Last Updated : 10.09.05