Yvette Baker Trophy

Itís that time of year again and the qualifying round of the Yvette Baker trophy is fast approaching. The Yvette Baker Trophy is the inter-club competition for juniors (W/M20-), last year we reached the final and finished 9th. This yearís qualifying event takes place at the SROC LSOA event at Beacon Fell on the 7 November. Depending on the number of clubs at the qualifying event up to two clubs can reach the final which this year will be held on Cannock Chase, considerably closer than last years in Norfolk!

All you need to do is turn up (the more the better), make sure you write SROC as well as your school (youíll get points for both competitions) on your registration form and run the appropriate course:
Yellow: any M/W10 and any M/W12-14 who has not achieved level 3+ gold standard
Orange: any M/W12- and any M/W14+ who has not achieved level 4+ gold standard
Light green: any M/W14- and any M/W16 who has not achieved level 5 gold standard
Green: any junior

Any queries please contact me (Iím currently trying to get hold of a list of juniors who have gold standard).

Sarah Watkins

Last Updated : 11.10..04