Club Captains Report

First of all can I thanks all the club members that turned out and ran at Formby in the CSC qualifying round you can read a bit more about it elsewhere in the newsletter.

With events now coming up thick and fast in the run up to the JK, 25 plus club members travelled to Simonside, Northumbria for the British Champs (BOC). Eighteen booked to stay in a youth hostel nearby and make a weekend of it. Reports on the events also elsewhere in the newsletter. Hopefully, this was the first of many club trips away In atrocious weather conditions there were some good SROC performances, the following members gain a top 3 place in their class;

M10B:    1    Christopher Nash                SROC 20:55
M16A:    3    Malik Devlin                        SROC 60:54
M16B:    1    Edward Davenport               SROC 66:16
M18B:    1    Adam Sunderland               SROC 90:18
M45S:    2    Chris Roberts                     SROC 53:45
M50S:    2    Martyn Roome                    SROC 55:18
M70L:    3    Anthony Newton                  SROC 61:08
M80:      1    Maurice Collett                    SROC 81:14

W16B:   1    Alison Anthony                    SROC 43:54
W50S:   3    Susan Denmark                   SROC 50:45
W55S:   1    Diane Taylor                        SROC 54:51
W65S:   1    Dorothy Newton                   SROC 60:42

The British Relay were cancelled but now have been re-arranged to Monday 3rd May, the final day of the Triple O Seven event, being organised by BOK ( Note the closing date for the 007 is April 8th.
Please let me know if you would like to run in a relay team by APRIL 8th.
If there is enough interest we will try and arrange another club trip, please contact Martyn Roome for further information, and to register an interest.

Finally, the Harvester Relay takes place on May 15th/16th on Pippingford Park, south of London, near East Grinstead. There has not been much interest so far in this event from club members; the closing date for entries is May 1st. If you would like to go & have not let me know, please be in-touch by April 23rd. Team information will be posted on the website.

p.s. If you want to see how bad the BOC was look here (courtesy of MVOC).

Sarah Watkins

Last Updated : 30.03.04