Club Development - Volunteers Needed

At the March NW Club Delegates Meeting we were told that our latest application for funding had been approved.  Our proposal aims to raise awareness of the benefits of orienteering amongst young adults and give them opportunities to try it.  Young adults were selected as there are a lack of M/W21 participants and increasing numbers is important for the future success of our sport.

Suitable groups will be identified and key people invited to taster sessions.  They will then be supported in encouraging their friends and colleagues to give orienteering a try, possibly linked to a short series of inter-organisation challenge events.  Ultimately we hope that many will continue to participate and join our club.

This is an ambitious project and it's our hope that club members will volunteer assistance.  It would help greatly with planning if anyone is able to offer a little time, whether weekdays during the day or evening or weekends and either one-off or regular, could contact me as soon as possible.  There are a variety of roles, including various admin tasks as well as manning information stands and hanging, manning or collecting controls. Please email me at or phone 01524 735283 with any offers of help or for more information.  

Thank you

Steve McLean

Last Updated : 24.03.04