Compass Sport Cup - Review

14th March 2004

Hi everyone

Just a quick email to say thanks very much to everyone for coming to the Compass Sport Cup event at Formby on Sunday, it was a great turn out. I hope you all enjoyed your runs. 

Even though the overall result (I think the version on the web now is probably correct, although I've still got to get them to knock two hours off Peter Collins' time) didn't go our way I think we should be pleased with our performance. The times were so quick and there was so much bunching in the results that anything upwards of a 30 second mistake lost quite a few points. 

On the positive side, there were some very good individual performances and it was great to see everyone hanging around at the end and socialising and giving encouragement to the late starters as they ran through the car park!

Good luck to those running at the British on Saturday.


Sarah Watkins

Last Updated : 21.03.04