Compass Sport Cup

Formby – 14th March
Sarah Watkins (Club Captain) has now submitted this list, so any problems please call her ASAP!  The event will use control cards, not e-cards, and these need to be collected and paid for at Enquiries on the day. Costs: £4/£2.  If you're a National Trust member, take your membership card to avoid paying £3.10 car parking.

Courses and Teams:  

Brown | Blue Women | Blue Men | Green Women | Green Men | Light Green | Orange

Brown:                        Men Open:                    3 scorers, at least 1 scorer NOT a M21
Steve McLean                M40
Dave Kesby                   M35
Ken Taylor                     M55
Paul Roome                   M18 
Quentin Harding             M40
David Roome                  M21

Blue Women:             Women Open:                2 scorers, at least 1 scorer NOT a W21
Sarah Watkins               W21
Sarah Fulwood               W21
Anni Maskuniitty            W21 
Karen Nash                   W40
Rowena Browne             W40
Jo Taylor W40

Blue men:                   M45+ M20-:                  4 scorers, at least 2 M50+ scorers
Chris Roberts                M45
Jon Carberry                 M45
Alex Finch                    M45
Martyn Roome              M50
John Denmark               M55
Paul Ferguson               M50
Dave Hargreaves            M50 
Bill Cook                       M50
John Hamilton-Taylor      M55
Brian Jackson               M55
Andy Quickfall               M45
Tim Watkins                  M45
David Rosen                  M50
Keith Hulme                  M50
Julian Lailey                  M55

Green women:               W45+ W20-:              3 scorers, at least 2 W50+ scorers
Becca Roberts              W18 
Dawn Lock                   W55
Cherith Knott                W65
Jane Collins                  W45
Sue Denmark                W50
Jane Anthony                W45
Sue Roome                  W50
Glenys Ferguson           W50
Dorothy Newton             W65
Dianne Taylor                W55
Frances Watkins           W45 
Miriam Rosen                W55

Green men:                  M60+:                       2 scorers
Bill Lock                       M60
Ian Evans                      M60
Peter Knott                   M65
Dick Collins                  M60 
Mike Ormerod               M60
Brian Looker                 M65
Tony Newton                 M70
John Richards               M70

Light Green:                  M/W18-:                    2 scorers, at least 1 W scorer
Peter Collins                 M18
Sophie Clarke               W16 
Alison Anthony             W14
Adam Crolla                  M16 
Chris Pears                   M16 
Ed Davenport                 M16 
Paul Hutton                   M18 
Thomas Knapper            M16 

Orange:                       M/W14-                     2 scorers, at least 1 W scorer
James Anthony             M12
Conor O’Halloran           M14 
Kris Moeckell                M14
Victor Clemence            M14 
Adrien Clemence           M14
Tom Adderley                M14 
Alice Bryne                   W12
Zoe Harding                   W10
Katrin Harding               W12

Sarah Watkins

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