Regional Events - BOF Trial to simplify classes at White Rose Weekend

The White Rose Weekend has agreed to participate in a BOF sponsored trial of a new system aimed at simplifying regional events. The intention is to encourage competitors to enter a course that suits them in terms of length and technical difficulty, rather than based on their age. 

The provisional proposals are as follows:

Course  Number            1          2          3          4         5         6         7          8          9           10            11
Technical Difficulty        5          5          5          5         5         5         4          4           3            2             1
Length(km)                  10        8.5        7          6         5         4          3.3     2.7        2.6           2            1.5

These may change slightly but the principle will remain the same. Keep an eye on BOF publications and their website in the coming months for further details and any modifications.

If a competitor wishes to compete in his/her relevant age class, (e.g. for White Rose trophies and prizes or for ranking purposes) then this is still possible but he/she will need to run a specified course, as follows:

Course 1        M21L  

Course 2        M35L,  M40L  

Course 3        M21S  M45L  M50L  W21L  JM5L

Course 4        M35S  M40S M55L M60L W35L W40L  JM5M  JW5L 

Course 5        M45S  M50S  M65L  M70L  W21S  W35S  W40S  W45L  W50L  

Course 6        M55S  M60S  M75L  W45S W50S  W55L W60L JM5S JW5S 

Course 7        M65S  M70S  W65L  W70L  W75L  JM4  JW4 

Course 8        M75S  W55S  W60S  W65S  W70S  W75S 

Course 9        JM3  JW3  

Course 10      JM2  JW2 

Course 11      JM1  JW1

David Kesby

Last Updated : 22.08.04