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Friday 9th April - Training Day (to be announced)

The following will take place on the Graythwaite Estate, with different car parks and assembly areas for each day.

Saturday 10th April - Individual Day 1
Sunday 11th April - Individual Day 2
Monday 12th April - Relays


Competition Information

M/W 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 A + B Classes
M/W 20 Elite, Long and Short
M/W 21 Elite, Long, Short, Very Short and Novice
M/W 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 Long and Short
M/W 80+

Elite competitors will run a Medium Distance Race on Day 1 (old Short) and a Long Distance Race on Day 2 (old Classic).

Elite start positions on Day 2 will be in the reverse of final positions on Day 1.

Entries for the Elite classes will be restricted, using current UK regulations.

Overseas competitors should send evidence to support their Elite entry.

No Elite entries will be accepted after 7th March 2004.

New Courses On Offer

In the new 'Event Guideline F: Jan Kjellstrom Individual' of the BOF Rules 2003 it is recommended that four new courses are offered, M/W21V (very short) and M/W21N (novice). These are to be introduced as an attempt to attract more competitors in this age group who are new to the sport.

These courses will be available at JK 2004. Unfortunately this decision was taken after publication of the Event Brochure and Entry form. If you wish to enter these courses please indicate this on the entry form. The fees will be the same as those published for the rest of the event.

Colour Coded Courses

Limited Colour Coded courses will be available on both individual days. Entry on the day only.

String Course

A string course for the very young will be available on both the individual days.

jk2004_trail25.jpg (3398 bytes)

Saturday afternoon 10/4/04 Elite Trail O competition
Sunday afternoon 11/4/04 Open Trail O competition

The entry form is available in PDF format (21Kb). You will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF, unless you have it installed already.



Mapsjk2004_map25.jpg (9134 bytes)

The map scale will be 1:10,000 for all competitors on all days except for Elite competitors on Day 2, who will use a 1:15,000 scale map.

Start Times

Members of the same club will be allocated start times in the same time block. Competitors requiring similar start times to friends should preferably enter together, completing the "Start Block Club" box. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate your requests, this cannot be guaranteed.

Split Starts

These must be requested when entering. Parents will be given alternate early and late starts. The second runner will have an "open" start. A permit to hand to officials will be sent out with the details.


Dogs strictly on leads in the car parks and assembly only.

This may be subject to alteration.

Electronic Punching

Sportident (SI) electronic punching will be used throughout the competition. Please quote your SI number when entering. Alternatively you can hire an SI card for the duration of the event for a fee of £2. Please write HIRE in the space provided on the entry form for the SI number, and add the fee to the total where indicated.


Posted By 15/1/04 7/3/04 Late Entry 20/3/04
Senior M/W 21+ £22 £26 £30 Internet only
Junior M/W 10-20 £6 £8 £10 Internet only
Non-BOF Members

All classes are open to BOF members and overseas competitors. British non-BOF members may also enter, but at a surcharge of £10 for seniors and £6 for juniors.

Student Concessions

Full-time students may enter at the junior rate. Please supply evidence of student status.



The preferred method of entry is via the internet. This service is now available.

PLEASE use a debit card. It is easy to use and your card details are encrypted and secure. Credit cards are acceptable but the bank charges are high.

Online entry forms are available in Microsoft Word format (439Kb), or PDF format (161Kb). You will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF, unless you have it installed already. Alternatively, use the official entry form. For any of these options, post in the traditional manner to:

221 Hale Road
Cheshire WA15 8DN

Cheques payable to "JK2004".

Entries for single days are at 50% of the full fee.

Late Entries

We are able to take late entries via internet up to 20/3/04 depending on the availability of maps and start-time slots. After this date there may be some entries available at the discretion of the entries secretary. Please contact by telephone or email.


Individual refunds (less a handling fee) will be given for cancellations received by the Entries Secretary before 1/3/04. Thereafter refunds will be at the discretion of the Event Treasurer. Should the event be cancelled, the organisers reserve the right to retain all or part of the entry fee to cover committed costs.

Alteration of Entry or Transfer

Until 20/3/04 any alterations to pre-entries (including transferring your entry to someone else) should be sent to the entries secretary with a fee of £5.

Any competitor competing under another name will be disqualified. After 20/3/04 alteration requests can only be received by email.


If you require an acknowledgement of a paper entry, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed postcard reading "JK2004".

Internet Entries are confirmed on acceptance with a reference number. Please make a note of this number as it will be needed for any future enquiries.



Parking at the event will be by parking permit only. These can be ordered with your entry for a fee of £5 for cars and £10 for minibuses, and will be posted with your programme. This permit will cover all four days. Failure to display a permit will incur a charge of £2 per day.

Parking Restrictions

Please read carefully.


We cannot accept coaches at any of the events due to the narrow roads and approaches to the car parks.

Camper Vans and Minibuses on Relay Day

These vehicles, of any size, cannot access the Relay Day car park. Convenient alternative arrangements will be made for drivers and passengers of these vehicles. Please ensure that you have completed the section on the entry form.



Event details and start lists will be available on the website in mid-March 2004.

One printed programme and your start time details will be posted to the named contact on your entry. Additional programmes will be available at the Event Centre at a cost of £1 per programme.

Programmes will not be posted to addresses outside Great Britain, or to late entries, but can be collected from the Event Centre or Enquiries Points at the events.



Full sets of results will not be sold, but results will be sold with splits on a class basis at the Event centre on Saturday and Sunday night. Competitors will have the opportunity to order these at Enquiries on Day 1 and Day 2. Full results will be displayed at the Event Centre and in Assembly. They will also be posted on the website as soon as possible after the event. If you require a printed copy there will be a fee of £2.


Previous winners can return trophies to the Event Centre on the Friday, or to Enquiries on Day 1 or Day 2.


A separate entry form is required for Relay Event entries. (Entries will only be accepted on the official form or photocopy.)

The Relay Event entry form will be distributed automatically to all BOF clubs and on request to overseas competitors in January 2004. Relay entries from the UK will be handled only on a club basis.

Closing date for relay entries will be 7/3/03.jk2004_relay25.jpg (10751 bytes)

Overseas competitors may obtain a copy of the Relay Entry form by applying to:

JK2004 Relay Entries
Step Cottage
Neston Road
Cheshire, CH64 4AT

(Enclosing an international reply coupon)

Enquiries with regard to relay entries may be sent to


General Enquiries

Enquiries (other than entry queries) regarding the event should be made to:

Sue Denmark +44 (0)1772 700327 (before 9pm please) or by email to

Entry Enquiries

To Sue Birkinshaw +44 (0)161 980 5068 (before 9pm please) or by email to


 JK2004 > Event Details and Entries

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